Saturday, April 9, 2011

"It's nice to play for a team that wants you to play for them" : Rahul Dravid

They might not have stars and big names in their rank but Rajasthan Royals' new entrant Rahul Dravid is confident the young guns possess the fighting spirit to outwit any team in the fourth Indian Premier League.

"We are not a side with big names nor lot of big stars, but we are hoping that we will play well in IPL IV. I am very impressed with the spirit in the Rajasthan Royals' and the way Shane Warne has been trying to build the spirit in the team," Dravid said.

"I feel that it will be our advantage even though we might not have big stars but we will have a good fighting spirit when we play.

"Rajasthan Royals' has got a very good number of young players. Royals' are known as a team that promotes a lot of youngsters. This time too it's no different. I have been watching these young players for a week now and I am very impressed with some of them," the former India captain added.

Rajasthan Royals who lifted the Twenty20 league in its inaugural season in 2008, are looking to revive their IPL fortunes after being on the downslide in the last two editions.

Dravid, who played for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the last three editions, hoped to continue the good work for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL this season.

"It's (IPL) a terrific tournament. For me it's a new team this season and looking forward to doing well for them. It's nice to play for a team that wants you to play for them and hopefully I will have a good tournament," he said.

Dravid's new team Rajasthan Royals' will clash with his former outfit RCB on April 19 in Bangalore and he hopes crowd will support him when he turns up in blue jersey this time.

"I love people of Bangalore. They have always supported me at all the time and I appreciate their support. Now I am looking forward to going and playing there (in Bangalore) in front of them as I am going to get only one chance in this tournament to play in Bangalore. Hope I will be received well there," the Bangalorean said.

Asked about his association with Ross Taylor, Dravid said the Kiwi swashbuckler was a friend and a dangerous batsman.

"I am enjoying playing with Ross. He is a terrific guy and has become a very good friend of mine as I have been playing along with him for the past three years. He is a very destructive batsman who can be extremely dangerous," he said.

Dravid refused to pick any favourites and said it would all boil down to how a team performs on a given day.

"I think every single team in this competition is going to be a good team. Every team has got stars and big names but on the day any team can win," he said.

"Many IPL teams have a lot of new members and it is going to be very important to gel well and get together and perform. And that's where we Rajasthan Royals' are good at, jellying as a team."


  1. RCB HAD MADE A HUGE MISTAKE BY DROPPING PLAYERS LIKE DRAVID,ROSS,KALLIS,UTTHAPPA.I dodn't think RCB will win this time they r almost down to the table ranking.