Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rahul Dravid : Not a super-star!

Every word in this article is written by Prosper Ryan.
(Prosper is the owner of one of the biggest communities on Orkut : "Rahul Dravid - The Wall" and an ideal fan of Rahul Dravid. )

In my very recent flight, I happened to meet a passenger from Mauritius, her name is Andrea ( She was reading a book on India & it had a Hindi phrase, and she took the wrong person to ask for the meaning, it was me.Thus how the conversation started ).She said that she is on her way to Kerala, and then coolly said that she is also going to meet Rahul Dravid. Err, I was shocked & words started trembling, I didn't know what to say.After a pause I asked her the reason for the visit. She said that she & her brother is going to invite Dravid for her brothers wedding ( I imagined that her brother should be some icon or a relative to Dravid ).