Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No..... Not again please!

It has been a long-long-long....... wait to see Rahul Dravid batting and finally the moment arrives. You see The Wall of India walking in and you just leave all your work aside to stick to the television set. He stays on the wicket for good 60+ minutes and all of a sudden he runs himself out. Yes, "Rahul Dravid run out 18 (34 balls) " is what pops-up on TV . After watching this, my head demands a bucket of water to be poured on it. And why not? Getting run-out in a test match is something unacceptable, especially for someone like Rahul Dravid. Poor remote controller gets banged on the floor, TV is turned off and you go back to the work.
End of the story? No.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Double century of catches - 7 catches left!

Many of you may not have realized that Rahul Dravid is just 7 catches away from a '200' mark. Considering that there are 3 test matches scheduled against Srilanka, this feat is quite achievable in this series itself.
Wishing all the best to team India to win this 'never-won' series against Srilankans on their home soil.