Thursday, February 25, 2010

Congrats Sachin!

I was one of those lucky cricket fans who were able to watch a brilliant knock from the little master- Sachin Tendulkar. It's amazing to see how someone at the age of 37 can still turn out to be a nightmare for the bowlers. Most important thing in this 200* innings was that he played almost every shot with superb technique (not like Pathan and Dhoni). The moment he crossed Saeed Anwar's 194, all those dark moments (when Anwar butchered Kumble's bowling) were erased off my mind.

It’s a phenomenal achievement. It’s not an easy thing to do, to bat full 50 overs at that kind of strike-rate because you have to take quite a few risks. You can get mentally and physically drained and the chances of making mistakes also increase. The fact that it had never been done before makes it so special for us all.
With the advent of the second power play, you can use it to your advantage but it’s not easy at all. A lot of things have to fall in place and only Sachin has the skill to make that happen. He is amazingly confident now
-Rahul Dravid

Hats off to you Sachin!

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