Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fighting 76 : And guess what? He gets criticism

"Because of his poor calls, Indians saw 2 run-outs"........
"Because of him, the other batsmen were under pressure".....
"He was the reason why India lost the match".........
and the criticism goes on "........he should retire from ODIs"

But the question is: Wasn't he doing what he was supposed to do? Remember what MS Dhoni had said after Rahul Dravid's re-inclusion in ODI team - "He is the one around whom the innings shall be built".

When Sachin got out early, it was quite clear that Rahul Dravid will have to play till the end (because only Sachin and Rahul have ability to do that).Gambhir was looking superb in his short and scary stay.He used all those "free hits" and put the seamers under pressure.The scorecard read: 84/1 in 13.0 overs. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Gambhir threw his wicket away in a run-out drama.The call was "NO" from Rahul who would have been running at the danger end, but Gambhir looked a bit too energetic to try for the run.He didn't even try to come back to crease and was gone due to a direct hit (I'm sure he would have made it had he grounded the bat).
Point is: it was Gambhir's mistake.
Virat Kohli was looking confident, but couldn't resist himself and went on to loft the ball over to mid-off.
MS Dhoni never looked comfortable and was back to pavillion with cheap LBW.
The match was now over.On the other end, Rahul Dravid needed someone who can scare the opponent with big hits. Suresh Raina was in a mood to thrash the bowlers and he started doing that perfectly.He hit Umer Gul for a six and a four is the same over.Rahul was rotating the strike and exposing Raina to Paki attack.This pair brought the required rate down to 6 RPO with 100 runs required.
But Raina could not hang on till the end and got LBW on a quicker one from Ajmal.Yusuf Pathan failed and went back with single digit score on his name.The game was over.
Later on, Rahul Dravid got run-out when he was trying to get 3rd run.

It's a do or die situation for Team India.They have to defeat Aussies and West Indians.The matches are scheduled on 28th and 30th resp.


  1. I know....It's so unfair. He did his job. What is Kholi doing in the team??? tats wat I wanna know.....and y did he cum in at 4????

    Dravid bought India close without him In doubt whether they would have crossed 200

  2. Dravid did play a fighting innings. If he had gotten out earlier, India woul've easily lost by 100+ runs. He held down one end to slow the fall of wickets. He has earned my respect. If gambhir had made even half the attempt dravid made to get back in his crease, he would've been safe.

    As for kohli, he is a talented cricket. Has done well in emerging players tournament. However, he is not comfortable at the big stage. He needs to spent some more time with the big guys. Playing him in this crucial tournament will put too much pressure on him and is too risky. He should be dropped until the next series.

  3. Hi Chistopher!
    I think Kohli deserves one more chance.He was playing quite well but he needs patience.It's Yusuf Pathan who should be dropped to make way for Abhishek Nayar.


  5. Dravid played a fantastic inning. Without him we would have gone all out below 200.

  6. Thank you! People don't realize this do they? Dravid played a decent knock. The expectations that he has set in people's mind is such that they expected him to finish it off. But sometimes they fail to understand that it takes two batsmen to build a partnership. People also fail to understand that this is ODI cricket and this is about building partnerships, filling up the middle overs and not about run rates of over 8. Look at many successful innings in this CT and it will involve a batsman who will play the waiting game, build and then consolidate or let others consolidate. Yousuf and Colligwood (against SL) are a classic examples.

    Gambhir is very talented but insanely hot-headed. Dhoni has been pathetic for a while now. Why isn't anyone complaining about him? Why did we give away 300+ runs? Everyone should take the blame for the lost against Pak. Certainly not Dravid, who took us to 200.

  7. @Pradeep and Paramveer
    Agreed.Rahul kept hopes alive till the end.He along with Raina were looking all set to take the game away from Pakis.Even Yousuf Pathan would have been handy had he kept his head cool.

    You are right.The middle overs turned out to be crucial in this CT - the teams keeping wickets in hand went on to win the game.