Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it all over for BRC?

Yes, probably.The top order failure has continued for BRC in this season too.Not a single batsman (except Kallis) looks confident of staying at the wicket.No score in the powerplay (1st 6 overs) means the team is in trouble.Look at the teams which are ruling this IPL and you will find that they score at least 50-60 runs in the powerplay and put the opposition on back seat straight away.
In short, the top order has to contribute if the team wants to win.Few questions would be raised against the team management - Why was S.Goswami dropped? Why is Rahul being sent at no.5?
S.Goswami got 2 games out of which he played superb in one and OK in other.Just because the team has a wicket keeper in M.Boucher, Goswami is unfortunately being dropped.Is this fair? Or you just want to stick to the Uthappas and Kohlis? (they are talented, but not dependable)
If the top order is not comfortable, why not to send Rahul at no.2 or no.3? He is the player who can play at any position, holding one end.
Let's see how BRC comes up against the top teams in the chart.

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  1. its not over baby there is still a chance to make it over picture abhi baki hai mere dost !!!!