Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BRC inch closer to the semis

Superb news for all BRC fans.BRC has made it! They are now very very close to making to semis, thanks to poor show by RR and KP.Even though BRC lose a game against DC, hoping that there is no big loss margin,BRC will be ahead of KP in net-run-rate.That will hand over a 4th place to BRC and they will meet DD in the semis.If BRC manages to win against DC, they will go to 3rd place and will face CSK in semis.
Another good news- Rahul looks confident and calm.The way he played against DD was just brilliant.He showed the youngsters that this game can be played well technically, all you need is to choose the best shot for every ball.He started with a sqaure drive, managed to score boundaries periodically, and continued to sweat the fielders with quick singles and doubles.

Good luck BRC and Rahul!


  1. Hey,

    Long time afer I'm coming to your blog.....It looks so much better now....

    And BRC can still lose it u know...

    If they score less than 82 runs chasing 150 + or if they DC chase down 150+ in 11.2 overs....

    But it looks like they are in..:)

  2. Thanks Christopher!
    I was looking to give a new look to the blog.Thanks for your compliments.
    Let's hope that BRC doesn't lose their semifinal berth.I agree with you that BRC is capable of losing the match with such a huge margin (their batting is still unpredictable).

  3. hi,

    i just wanna say gud luck 2 BRC nd rahul for semifinal.