Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview before IPL:

How much pressure is on you to undo the dismal season one record?
 Season one is history. In T20 cricket, every game requires a fresh start and the past will have no bearing on our performance this year.For me, personally, I did not do badly last year and I am very confident of a much better showing from my team this year.Also, now that I am not the skipper I can concentrate on my batting (typical Rahul Dravid answer!!!!).

How will you compare last year's team with this one?
We are certainly better equipped for T20 cricket this time round.We had a good team last year as well though our performances don't reflect that.With KP, Robin [Uthappa] and Jesse Ryder we have the necessary firepower in batting and with [Dale] Steyn in good form, [Nathan] Bracken back in full fitness and Praveen [Kumar] a much improved bowler, I'd say we have one of the best bowling line ups in the competition.

Why do you think people are crazy about IPL when Test matches have hardly attracted big crowds in India in 2008?
IPL offers a perfect day out. It is like a live movie - you have the entertainment, you have the stars, you have great action and it is all live.Test cricket is still the best test for any cricketer, but T20 is certainly the common man's passion and is a great thing for cricket at large.And this year you will also have the South African scenic beauty as an added attraction!

Rahul, you are soon to become a father again, all the very best ...
Many thanks. [It will] be lovely if I am able to do well in the tournament; a nice present for the new one.

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