Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catch no.182: Rahul sets a world record

It has been a long wait.In the 1st test, Rahul equalled Mark Waugh's record of 181 catches.Since then, Rahul didn't get any opportuinity to cross the mark.Even in the 3rd test, when 1st innings saw kiwis edging the ball behind on several occasions, most of those went to M.S.Dhoni.
Finally, today, when McIntosh edged one to the 3rd slip where Rahul was standing.Rahul dived forward and low to take a smart catch.
Congatulations Rahul.You really deserved it!    

I am happy, very happy. In fact, last night he called and spoke about the 60 he scored and I then jokingly asked him, ‘so when are you finishing the catching business?’ I am delighted that he made it his own.
The last few catches took some time but it has finally come through. It is a pleasure that he went past an acclaimed fielder like Mark Waugh.”
--Mr.Sharad Dravid  (Rahul's dad)

He gives the same 100 per cent to his fielding which is often associated with his batting. He is an intense cricketer and his power of concentration never wavers through the day and that helps him to stay alert
--Gundappa Vishwanath

Rahul is one of the finest and safest close-in fielders I have seen. He anticipates well and it is a moment of pride for me that an Indian, and a player from Karnataka, has achieved this remarkable landmark
--Syed Kirmani


  1. Rahul Dravid has shown the world that his technique and concentration 2wards the game

    Wall Roxssss.

  2. Yes Rahul U R realy a great player og the World Cricket, Plzz try to come back in ODI Team from the best performance in IPL,

    We all mis u in ODI

  3. You truly are amzing Dravid and like santosh said, we all do miss u in ODI's.

    Hope you do well in the IPL and sho Mallya a thing or two...

    Congrats Dravid.


  4. rahul inspiration.....a true divine soul....plz continue forward ur IMMORTAL...

  5. Gr8 Player....The Wall....we always miss u.......

  6. Gr8 Player...The Wall.......we always miss you......