Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rahul will not lead BRC: Pietersen will replace him

Mr.Vijay Mallya has done it.Right from the end of 1st IPL season, he was targeting Rahul for the poor show by his team (or his "slaves"!).He is a businessman, who doesn't care whom he is trying to pointing at.What he wants is that his team should win every game, thus bringing in crores of $$ in his hand.He is great at business, but not that great in man handling.
As usual, Rahul didn't say anything.What he said was, "I can understand Mr.Mallya's frustration".Poor guy, isn't it? Gentlemen always keep their tongues under control.Rahul was the best example.

After getting Pietersen in his team, Mr.Mallya gave an hint of change of captaincy.And at last, he did it.KP will lead the team for a few matches at the start, and then the captaincy will be handed over to Kallis (one who is said to be the culprit behind the poor performance of team in 1st season).KP is a great player, no doubt about that.But he couldn't succeed as a captain of England's team.As far as Jaques Kallis is concerned, one can never doubt his abilities as a player.But the way he played in 1st season, one can easily conclude that he is not a T20 player.

“We were in consultation with Dravid and he had personal issues.He and his wife are expecting their child and no one knows when a baby is born and Rahul hinted at his likely unavailability. This decision was taken after extensive consultations with Rahul Dravid, and this was not an easy one. We have a wealth of talent and expertise in our team and had six international captains to choose from,” said Mallya while naming Pietersen as the captain for the first three weeks of his availability.

Pietersen said: “It is indeed a great privilege and honour to be asked to take over the captaincy from such a great player and friend Rahul Dravid. I am looking forward to his support and to working closely with him in mounting a successful Royal Challengers challenge.”

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