Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good innings at the start of a series - Go Rahul, go!

In the 1st test match against New Zealand, Rahul scored a superb knock of 66 off 133 balls.Though he was looking all set for a ton, O'Brien came up with an excellent in-cutter to make sure he doesn't.
Although many of us might have missed his batting (including me) ,here is the collection of the text commentary of Rahul's boundaries, from

12.3 Martin to Dravid, FOUR, Martin doesn't bowl to his field there, he errs by drifting on middle and leg and Dravid uses his wrists well and exploits the yawning gap at fine leg

13.2 Mills to Dravid, FOUR, Dravid chases a wide one and it's a positive result, the ball moves away after pitching and Dravid has to reach out a lot more but he gets enough bat on it to beat gully

20.2 O'Brien to Dravid, FOUR, that's a classic square cut, the ball is dropped too short and wide, he gets his elbows high and slices it just wide of gully

26.5 O'Brien to Dravid, FOUR, not the best of shots though, he hangs his bat out aiming to steer it to the off side but gets a thick outside edge which fortunately bisects the gap between second slip and gully

35.1 Martin to Dravid, FOUR, very delicately played, the ball lands outside off and angles away, Dravid doesn't have to move his feet much and all he does it wait for the ball and angle it away wide of gully

38.1 Vettori to Dravid, FOUR, lovely shot, not a very bad delivery, it's a fraction short but not wide, Dravid improvises by making room and slamming it past backward point

39.5 Martin to Dravid, FOUR, very controlled glide, he lunges forward to an incoming delivery and plays it with an angled bat and bisects the gap between second slip and gully

40.6 Mills to Dravid, FOUR, the ball is too straight and he whips it away with such ease that the ball simply races away past square leg, all timing

44.6 Mills to Dravid, FOUR, that's a poor delivery, a rank long hop outside the offstump and wide too, he stays at the crease, reaches out and bangs it past the covers

46.3 Mills to Dravid, FOUR, nice way to bring up his fifty, Mills errs by bowling it short and giving him the luxury of width, he feasts on it by slamming it square of the wicket on the offside

47.6 O'Brien to Dravid, FOUR, not a bad delivery but Dravid's in fine touch, the ball angles away from him and he leans forward, opens the face of the bat and steers it wide of gully

49.6 O'Brien to Dravid, FOUR, nice shot, the ball is overpitched outside off and Dravid leans forward and pushes it just wide of short cover, not sure if the fielder got a bad bounce

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