Friday, February 13, 2009

Rahul is all time great:

Finally, he has got what he deserved.Rahul has been declared as the best Indian Test cricketer by Holding Willey report.This report was prepared with deep study of the player's contribution to his team, match winning efforts, performance away from home etc.
No wonder, Rahul has to be the greatest of all!
The findings of the report were based on solid facts such as his average: 52 in 131 Tests overall but a better away average; 57. He averages 66 in Tests won by India, 78 in Tests won abroad. Also his five Man-of-the-Match awards are in matches won by India abroad. Further his failure rate is 43% (of his 227 innings) which is the lowest amongst batsmen in the Report. Even though he prefers to come 1 or 2 down, he holds a record of 409 opening partnership (with Sehwag).

The HoldingWilley Report’s All-Time Top 20 Indian Test Players:
6.Bedi-Chandrasekhar-Prasanna (as one unit)
7. Vishwanath
8. Kumble
9. Mankad
10. Laxman
11. Ganguly
12. Azharuddin
13. Vengsarkar
14. Amarnath
15. Hazare
16. Gupte
17. Umrigar
18. Srinath

Personally, I think that Srinath and Amarnath deserve to be above Ganguly (no offence towards Dada).Srinath has served Indian team for so long that he doesn't fit at 18th spot.
Anyways, it's really good news to all Rahul Dravid fans.Considering the fuss going on about his retirement, this news should bring some sort of relief for Rahul as well as all of us!


  1. Thank god

    At last the Most Deserved Player of Indian Cricket(The wall) who always undershadowed by the the recognization

    Rahul will rock again in NZ with this boost ....!

    Good luck Jammy!

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  3. dravid is not only india's best but greatest of all time of world as well. hope he will get lots of centuries and will break the record of sachin.
    all the best to the wall.

  4. vispy!
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. I feel like singing "At last..." like Beyonce. A much deserved accolade indeed.

  6. dravid is definitely world's greatest player.i am sure he will not give up and answer his all is the time when all his true fans should stand by him and support him.after all u don't see a fighting wall on daily basis. they r once in a life time.

  7. vmminerva!
    Same here."At last........" he got what he deserved!

  8. do u think rahul is getting younger with each passing day.means look at his catching.he is about to break record of mark waugh of most number of catches. and i hope he comes back in odi team as well.cheer 4 dravid!

  9. I am very glad to hearing this because i am the best fan of jammy, i love very much to rahul. I think also Rahul is realy the gretest player of the world exept Don Bradman.

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  11. @Santosh
    Thanks for your comments.I will be contacting you shortly.