Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Martin Crowe happy to work with Dravid:

A brilliant batsman and leader, Martin Crowe has already given his consent to be a think-tank member of the Vijay Mallya-owned Royal Challengers team from Bangalore.

The 45-year-old former New Zealand captain is thrilled to be part of the BCCI’s DLF Indian Premier League (IPL) and eager to work with Rahul Dravid, one of his all-time favourites.

When asked if the IPL has arrived late on the scene, Crowe said: “It probably has not come a day late. But the fact is that people have started to embrace three-hour cricket. It has found acceptability after Twenty20 captivated the audience in England.”

He said, “There was a demand from consumers for a new type of cricket and it’s obvious that one-day cricket was getting to its saturation point.

It’s an open secret that Crowe and, the Kiwis in general, have placed Dravid a notch higher than Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly.

“Well, Rahul is a player with brilliant technical skills. He can play a range of shots when needed. Bangalore is a city I like very much and Rahul is a lovely man. I am ready to help him with his cricket in T20 for probably two years.”

On ICC’s reluctance to create a window for the IPL, Crowe said: “Well, any successful organisation has plans and goals for every six months. Cricket is evolving and no one can close the book for four years and ask where do we go now?

“I am sure all are waiting for the inaugural IPL. It’s a wonderful development. The ICC should have an open mind about this.”

Crowe will arrive in Bangalore on April 7 so that he gets sufficient time to work with the team. “Probably then I would have a glass of wine, if not beer with Vijay Mallya.”

Dravid's comments on future of IPL:

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is being perceived as the beginning of a lucrative new era for cricket, but former India captain Rahul Dravid says its success and impact on the game will depend on how it produces top class cricket in the first year.

"IPL is something new. It is going to be quite exciting and in the first year there is going to be a lot of interest. Obviously after that, it is really going to depend on how it picks up. I think the quality of cricket is important," Dravid told PTI in an exclusive interview.

"Because, people who come to watch (the matches) are going to expect good standard of cricket. At the end of the day, this (good cricket) is what would make IPL a success or failure. It is upto the players, both domestic and international, to provide that," the captain of Royal Challengers, the Bangalore team owned by business tycoon Vijay Mallya.

Asked if the IPL was good for cricket in the long run, Dravid said "I think only time will tell." The Bangalore icon player, who would earn more than Rs 4 crore in the first season from a maximum 10 matches, refused to buy the argument that IPL was all about money and said people should look at whether it gives the fans entertainment and good quality cricket.

"It is going to be about cricket. People want to see good standard of cricket. At the end of the day, it (good cricket) is going to be the most important," he said when asked whether money or cricket was at the frorefront in the IPL.

Dravid also feels that the price of players at the auction on Wednesday was not the true reflection of the capability of a player and the "limitations and certain rules" of the auction was the reason why a big star like Ricky Ponting less than others.

"I don't think you have to look at what one player got at the auction and compare it with other players and say it is the actual value or performance level of the player based on what he got at the auction. Because the auction had certain rules, limitations and certain combinations. So, I don't think you can judge it (the worth of a player) like that."

The great merit of the IPL, according to Dravid, was the opportunity the domestic players, other than the BCCI-contracted players, would get by rubbing shoulders with some great players in the 44-day competition to be played in Twenty20 format.

"IPL is a domestic competition and it is about giving Indian players an opportunity to play in the big stage with some great players in the world," Dravid said.

Explaining how the IPL would benefit the players of the domestic circuit, he said, "In the playing XI, there will be seven Indian players and apart from the 35-40 BCCI-contracted players (like me), there will be at least 40-50 other domestic players in the eight teams."

"I am sure out of this 40-50 domestic players, 15-20 are going to get a chance to be in the first XI and play with or against some great players. That itself should be exciting," Dravid said.

"So, it is a domestic competition with international flavour and that is what we should not forget," he added. Dravid was also happy that the domestic circuit has more money now than it had earlier.

"I think there is quite a lot of money in domestic cricket as compared to earlier days. What the boys are being paid now for playing Ranji Trophy is lot more than paid five years ago. But, we need to make domestic cricket more professional and we have to encourage cricketers playing in domestic circuit," he added.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dravid's team in IPL:

So far the team which Dravid has got to lead is as follows:

Anil Kumble
Jacques Kallis
Zaheer Khan
Mark Boucher
Cameron White
Wasim Jaffer
Dale Steyn
Nathan Bracken
Shivnarine Chanderpaul

They can be classified into 3 categories:

1.Rahul Dravid
2.Mark Boucher
3.Wasim Jaffer
4.Shivnarine Chanderpaul

1.Anil Kumble
2.Dale Steyn
3.Nathan Bracken
4.Zaheer Khan

1.Jacques Kallis
2.Cameron White

Though it is being talked that the team which Dravid has got to lead is not good enough to fight against others, I think the team is really good.
Rahul Dravid, Wasim Jaffer are capable of staying on wicket .Rahul Dravid is capable of hitting as well (remember his 63 ball 92 & 22 ball 50).
Mark Boucher and Cameron White are very good hitters , Kallis and Chanderpaul can perform both the roles (hitting and staying at the wicket).
The bowlers are of great quality with Zaheer Khan, Nathan Bracken, Dale Steyn.All of them have performed well recently.They are capable of bowling Yorkers, Slow delieveries (best weapons in 20-20s).Anil Kumble though looks old by age, has tremendous potential to turn the game because he can vary his pace.

Rahul Dravid is also confident about his team;"they have performed well under pressure", he says.
Lets wait and watch!

Dravid satisfied with Bangalore squad:

Rahul Dravid is pleased with the players the Bangalore franchise had procured in the IPL auction, and believes his side has individuals who can handle pressure.

Dravid, the icon for the Bangalore Royal Challengers, played down the talk of his side not buying any big names. "This is an erroneous perception," he told Cricinfo. "The quality of Indian and international players in our team speak for themselves. They may not be glamorous in the areas people typically judge them by, but in terms of cricket they are fantastic and at the end of the day this is a cricket tournament and cricket is what is important.

"We are fortunate to have such great players in the side. With them in the squad, we will get so much more experience and ability."

Unlike the others, the Bangalore franchise preferred innings builders, like Jacques Kallis, Wasim Jaffer and Shivnarine Chanderpaul, to aggressors. "We have players who have played under pressure," Dravid said, "and therefore are confident that under similar circumstances in the Twenty20 matches, they will perform exceedingly well."

Although the franchise bought Anil Kumble, they failed in their bid to purchase Robin Uthappa, another Bangalore-based playing for India. Uthappa, who was bought by the Mumbai franchise for a whopping US$800,000, would have not only provided a balance to Bangalore's batting line-up but his purchase would have helped fill up one slot among the four catchment area players.

"As a Bangalore player, I obviously would have liked to have had Robin, who is from our catchment area, in the team," Dravid said. "However, in an auction where there are rules and restrictions, it is not always possible to get every player one wants.

"In fact none of the teams were able to get all the players they would have liked to. However, having said that I would like to add that I am excited with the team we have got."

On the potentially match-winning bowling attack that his team has lined up - Dale Steyn, Nathan Bracken, Zaheer Khan and Anil Kumble, Dravid said, "The idea was to have a good balance, which is very important for the tournament."

Dravid said Australian allrounder Cameron White, whom Bangalore bought for US$500,000 at the IPL auction, was an "exciting" addition.

"I think people are getting a bit confused by the price aspect. It's just reflective of the current situation in cricket and what people want. White is a very exciting Twenty20 player and his domestic record [with two Twenty20 hundreds]in Australia is phenomenal. He was always on our wishlist."

Asked whether he viewed the 44-day Twenty20 tournament starting in April 18 as a platform to stage a comeback into the India one-day team, Dravid said: "I am not looking at this that way. To be honest, this is something new for all of us. There are so many things you want to experience as a player. Personally, I have seen and experienced a lot over the last 12 years [in international cricket]. Now, I am just so glad that at this point of my career, I will be a part of this new experience."

Dravid didn't want to divulge much about the strategies that his side were planning to adopt during the 44-day tournament, set to start on April 18. "It is still too early for me to comment on this. At the moment I am focused on getting fit after my finger injury and preparing for the Test matches against South Africa."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rohit Sharma a future "Rahul Dravid" ? Never!

Now Rohit Sharma has suddenly become popular.He is playing well(!) in Commonwealth bank series.He has scored 139 runs in 5 matches with average of 46.33.The average looks quite good.But the way he played was horrible.In every innings,he 'played and missed' several times, tried to follow the delieveries far outside the offstump, tried to go for huge hits at improper time and much more.Though he looked better than others (except Gautam Gambhir) he was not looking mature.He has got a good technique but he lacks patience.

The biggest joke is that he is being called as "future Dravid"!

-Dravid always played with responsibility.He never tried to go for big shots when the situation was against it.Dravid has superb technique and most important, he has PATIENCE.He never created chaotic situations when he was unable to score for 10-15 delieveries.

Sharma is at the start of his career.So it would not be correct to compare him with a player like Rahul Dravid.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dravid captain of IPL Bangalore team?

A great news for all Dravid fans.Rahul Dravid has accepted the request of leading the Bangalore team in IPL.It will be interesting to watch him in captain's role again.
The owner of Bangalore team in IPL,Mr.Vijay Mallya said,"Yes, I have spoken to him and he will lead the side. Everyone looks up to him and an iconic player has to lead the side."
Anil Kumble and Robin Uthappa are also set to be the part of Dravid's team.

It is really a good news for all Dravid fans.Remember the way he was thrown out of the team.He was a captain on one day and within 10 days, he was not even a part of Team India.
It will be really a treat to watch him play again, especially as a captain.But his performance will not affect selectors (a bunch of jokers!) to change their decision,for sure (because they are a bunch of jokers!!).
Let's wait and watch!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Rahul Dravid:A True Cricketer:

Rahul Dravid: Indian Batsman & A True Cricketer.
Imagine a match going on between India and say Pakistan.Indians are chasing a target around 270-280 and struggling at 60 for 4 in 13.0 overs.(Dravid still at crease).
What an average Indian supporter will do?
1.Switch off the TV
2.Surf other channels on TV
3.Try to forget everything about the match.

What will I do? I will stick myself in the sofa and watch Dravid's batting till the end.(The End is generally sweet).Rahul Dravid's greatness is that he is capable of staying at the crease irrespective of the behaviour of pitch,the kind of bowling and the pressure on the team.
What is perfect technique in batting? You will get the answer when you will watch Dravid's batting.He plays fluent cricket.Keeps the scoreboard moving without making the situation chaotic.I'm fan of TEST CRICKET.So I enjoy to watch a batsman taking easy singles,twos.Rahul Dravid is master in Test matches.He has the stamina to stay at the pitch for a full day.

He will never play just for money.He will not go on making advertisements just for money.
He has not played for Man Of The Match award (he has received just 23 such awards),but still he is known to be one of the best cricketers.Why?
The answer is easy--he wins the matches for India.
This great quality has helped him to win the hearts of cricket fans.He will continue to be the best and consistant cricketer in the world.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dravid still has much to offer Indians in the one-day arena:

This is the article from .I found it very good(all credit to the writer) and wanted to share with you.

When India Test skipper Anil Kumble and his predecessor Rahul Dravid landed home in Bangalore a few days ago it was very easy to note that one was elated to be back while the other was disappointed at the very least. Kumble had announced his retirement from one-day cricket a little less than a year ago but Dravid had never intended to be out of the India squad that is currently taking on hosts Australia and their World Cup final opponents Sri Lanka.
Surely Dravid must now regret his decision to give up the captaincy. He wouldn’t have been in this unfortunate position had he not done so. There have been days in Indian cricket when the captain has been told the bad news by the pilot of the plane taking the team to the next venue, after hearing a radio broadcast in the cockpit. In that instance there was even worse news on arrival when the man in question was named the 12th man as a ‘tribute’ to his acclaimed fielding.Things are nowhere near as bad now, but the selectors are still culling senior players in a way remeniscent of chickens who have contracted the bird flu. While the ostensible reason for dropping stalwarts such as Dravid and his predecessor Sourav Ganguly is the need to build a team ahead of the 2011 World Cup, there simply has to be something else to it.Looking to the future is never a bad idea but ignoring the present and forgetting the past is never a good idea. A healthy balance between youth and experience is always the key and this is a trick that the Dilip Vengsarkar-led selection committee have undoubtedly missed. If we were to consider each of their cases individually, there did seem to be a distinct decline in Ganguly’s one-day prowess despite the record number of runs that he rattled up since his comeback.Ganguly was always known for his striking power and never had an issue with his strike rate. But as we could all see in series against England, Australia and also Pakistan, the Kolkata left-hander was simply unable to up his rate even after he was well-settled. That he was batting as an opener - the best position to bat in an ODI - made it seem worse.But as far Dravid’s case goes, the injustice was more stark and continues to be so. He failed in the series against the Aussies but was quite a success in England before that. Also his failures came in various circumstances and different positions in the batting order. That the selection committee chairman had made it known subsequently that either Dravid batted at three or not at all is one of the more ridiculous suggestions ever made.Dravid has been highly successful batting at five and six. In fact his batting at those positions was what took the Indians through to the 2003 World Cup final. It just goes to show that in Indian cricket it is always possible to keep a good man down, especially if he himself has decided to step down from the top job.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dhoni ke Dhurandhar!

So, now M.S.Dhoni is a happy person.He got the team which he wanted.He had asked for young blood for preparations for Cricket WC 2011 (but one thing he must understand is that he does not deserve a fixed place in Team India).
He brought Rohit Sharma,Robin Uthappa,Virender Sehwag,S.Srisanth is his side by dropping Dravid & Ganguly.These youngsters showed the way they play this game of cricket,in 1st ODI against Aussies.They looked impatient whenever they were unable to hit boundaries.They had forgotten the fact that one must stay on the wicket for scoring runs.

They were given this opportuinity because they are good fielders,they play aggressive cricket etc.But the fact is that the good fielding is useful iff you have some runs on the scoreboard.You can not turn the game by fielding well after getting all out for score of less than 200 runs,isn't it?

Now it is upto the BCCI selectors to wake up and bring back the experienced players like Dravid and Ganguly.If they want to give chance to the youngsters , rotate them. In the team,there must be atleast two members from Golden Trio (Sachin,Dravid,Ganguly).It would be better for Team India.

Dravid-Ganguly Joke:

It's a test match.India are two wickets down for 350. Sehwag and Laxman are back in the pavilion.Dravid, who opened the innings, is on 97.Tendulkar is on 35 and on strike.Tendulkar plays the 1st ball of the over to mid-on and thinking the fielder is a bit deep, sets off for a single. The fielder swoops in, picks up the ball, and in a single motion throws down the stumps at the non-striker's end. There's no need for the third umpire. Tendulkar is at least a yard away from the crease and is run out.

Next batsman in is Sourav Ganguly. He is at the non-striker's end. Dravid faces the second ball of the over.It is a good delivery, pitching on the off stump and swinging a bit away from the batsman. Dravid leaves it well alone.The third ball is a repeat of the second. Dravid is patient. . . Well left.Ganguly is showing some impatience now. He obviously wants to be at the batting end. He walks over to Dravid and has a word (or two) with him accompanied with some elaborate hand gestures. Dravid shakes his head, walks back, and takes strike again.The fourth ball pitches on the off and swings into the batsman. Dravid meets it with the full face of his bat. A textbook forward defensive stroke.Ganguly is not happy. He walks over to Dravid again. Some more talk. Some more gestures. Dravid asks the umpire, "How many to go in this over?""Two more deliveries," replies the umpire.Dravid nods to Ganguly, who comes back to the non-striker's end.The fifth ball is fast and straight. Dravid goes on to his back foot and punches the ball through the covers. The batsman cross for a comfortable single. Dravid is now just two short of yet another century.

One delivery to go in the over.

Ganguly takes guard, settles in his stance, and peers down the pitch. Bowler has decided to bowl round-the-wicket to him. Ganguly doesn't seem happy with that and asks the umpire for a fresh guard. He then asks the sightscreen to be moved a bit.It's done.Ganguly settles in his batting stance once again. The bowler polishes the ball and starts on his long run up to the bowling crease. He has hardly taken a few steps when Ganguly drops his bat, pulls out a large red handkerchief from his trouser pocket, starts waving it excitedly and begins shouting,


(Fufill Our Demands! Fulfill Our Demands!)

...Now, why does he do it?

...Any guesses?

...Come on, it needs no great out of the box thinking

....Give it a try




....Because now Ganguly is on Strike.

Team India in Bollywood?:

Friday, February 1, 2008

Last Aussie tour for big 5:

For big 5 in Team India-->1.Rahul Dravid 2.Sachin Tendulkar 3.Anil Kumble 4.VVS Laxman 5.Sourav Ganguly ,it was the last Aussie tour in their careers.They all contributed well for their Team.They can keep these memories for their upcoming life.
Sachin was special in this tour.He looked in great form;scoring highest runs in this series.Dravid,Ganguly,Laxman had their contributions as well.Dravid showed his character in Perth test playing a fine knock of 93.Laxman helped team to recover when his team was in deep trouble.He played with great consistency.It was a good tour for Ganguly who scored few half centuries.All these batsmen were successfull in fullfilling the dreams of their supporters.
The cricketer who gained the most form this tour was Anil Kumble.He took wickets,he scored runs,he did fantastic job as captain,as a leader.He handled the after-Sydney issues superbly.
In next Aussie tour, many Indian fans may not see these 5 faces on ground,but they will not forget this last tour of theirs.