Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dravid's 93:

Today's innings can be known as "comeback" innings for Dravid.He showed his character today to hit 93.He might be relieved now because he was being criticised for not fulfilling the expectations.
He started slowly,took his own time to settle and then started getting quick singles and doubles.He used cover drives quite fluently today.After being dropped on 11,he did not gave any chance for opposition to break through his defence.With Sachin Tendulkar,he added 139 to India's tally.He added quick 64 with Laxman to help India raise the run rate.
He was out in the last session with a cheap shot (he never plays such strokes).Though he is now being criticised for throwing away his wicket,we must not forget his superb 93.

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