Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dravid dropped again:Why?

So the shocking news has arrived.Dravid and Ganguly have been dropped from ODI squad.
Dravid has been dropped for 2nd consecutive series (1st against Pakistan).He must be surprised by this decision taken by selectors.After being dropped from Pakistan series,he had hit a double ton against Mumbai (in Ranji trophy) to show that he is not out of form.He is getting punished just because he had not scored much against Australia in ODI series.
He came back strongly in Test series against Australia hitting 93 in Perth to help India win the match.With his form coming back,it was a shock for him to be dropped from squad.
Ganguly was another victim of poor team selectin.Inspite of his great performance in the year 2007,he has been axed from the team.

The Indian team includes 90% youngsters (most of them from 20-20 team).With only 2 experienced batsmen in squad (sachin and Yuvraj),it will be interesting to see how the new team performs.

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